Social Investment

The Mosehla Foundation is committed to provide financial and resource support to worthy and eligible beneficiaries that are aligned to the objectives and vision of the foundation, thus bringing about opportunities and upliftment to the community of Tembisa.

Funding Criteria and Guidelines
Please read carefully

  • Four Projects Supported
  • Criteria
  • One Secondary School identified annually for our After-school readiness mentorship program
  • Grade 12 learner/s from the same secondary school identified annually for sponsorship towards post-matric studies
  • Annual sponsorship of the Mosehla Easter Games
  • One Primary school identified and adopted annually meeting ad-hoc needs
  • Geographical area funded: Tembisa, Gauteng
  • All shortlisted candidates must avail themselves for face-to-face interviews if requested
  • Post-matric studies applications opens on 01 August and applications must be submitted by 30 September
  • The Trustees will only consider applications prepared in the prescribed format
  • Organisations and individuals can only apply once a year
  • The Trustees will not guarantee that all applications will be successful, nor that they will assist organisations or individual on more than one occasion.
  • Registered NPO’s must submit their NPO number and NPO certificate
  • Successful applicants must submit a thank you letter
  • Registered Section 18A organisations must provide a Section 18A Tax certificate

What we do not fund:

  • Political organisations
  • Faith based organisations

Application Form

  • Applications open from 01 Aug to 30 Sep.